Aaron Crowder


New Artist: - Aaron Crowder

Recent Releases: 10 Track Debut album, "Conflicted"

Budget: $500+

Link to Artist's Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4hb1qLo0DeRx7s9If3QI1B?autoplay=true&v=A

Link to Artist's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aaroncrowda/

Aaron started his journey as an artist by recording in his parent's basement at the age of 16. He was told in the past that his music would go no where and that he would never grow as an artist, but he was determined to succeed. After two long years of recording, writing, and perfecting his debut, he finally finished it and released it on September 6th, 2018.

The amount of streams that Aaron got within the first few days of release were very small and disappointing for him. He began to look around the web to find anything that could help solidify his career, and his search ended when he found Supernova Independence. Aaron was getting on average, 10-20 streams a day across his album, and then reached out to us and purchased a small amount of advertising with his budget. 

The first week got him results which brought him to purchase and invest over $500 into promo to this date. Aaron started out two months ago on Spotify with only 20 followers, a few hundred streams, and was never added to a playlist. After using our services he has now surpassed 107,000 streams on Spotify alone, and his music has branched out to Apple, iTunes, YouTube, etc. and he has received hundreds of messages about how his music has helped people. He has surpassed over 2.4K followers on Spotify, got added to over 1,200 fanbuilt playlists, and has just recently after a month and a half of advertising has been added to Discover Weekly and Release Radar. Aaron surpassed 8.6K monthly listeners this morning.

Aaron's Testimonial:

"I have never been into paying a lot of money for results of any kind on any platform, and at first I thought Supernova was going to scam me. I was wrong. Never have I seen such real and organic growth in my entire life. After teaming up with Supernova, my streams skyrocketed across all streaming platforms and I'm going to make back my initial investment very soon. It's exciting to see the number of streams go up every day, and it's even more exciting to wake up every morning to 1-5 new messages about how my music has impacted someone."

DM's to Aaron's Instagram account: @AaronCrowda


Those are only a fraction of the messages he's been getting as well as mentions on other people's stories of his music.

And to finish off this new artist that we've been working with, here are some before and current progress on his Spotify.


Before (2 months ago when he released):




Current (November 27th, 2018):



Thank you Aaron for joining our team. Hopefully you stick around, because we honestly can't wait to watch you succeed and make it big with your music like you're doing currently. 

- Supernova

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by Alex Johnson on November 27, 2018

this is honestly so sick. can’t waiit to begin working with you guys!

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