1 Month Tidal Promotion - 1 Song (Guaranteed Returns)

    1 Month Tidal Promotion - 1 Song (Guaranteed Returns)


      1 Month Tidal Promotion - 1 Song OVERVIEW:

      Note: We can't set a start count for play numbers, due to the fact that they are not public on Tidal for the customer, but we know for a fact that we the promotion is going to be as effective as we believe. We know that the promotion will work extremely well for any artist no matter what.

      What you can expect with this service:

      • Hundreds to thousands of targeted streams dependent on your budget and how good your music is quality wise.
      • 1 month worth of promo for $100, which brings in consistent daily streams, and will grow depending on if people like your music enough. This saves time and money. Just requires a onetime payment and the promo will last for 1 month total, so it allows you to just sit back and enjoy consistent growth on a singular song for one month.
      • Fans will follow your Tidal account if the music is appealing to them which results in repeat listeners and long lasting fans that continuously stream your music.
      • Your growth will also branch out to YouTube, Instagram, etc if your music is extremely appealing. (most of the artists we promote, the promo branch out not only to their Spotify, but their YouTube videos, as well as Instagram profiles. Their Google Search rank also goes up.
      • Targeted audience to make sure engagement is high (with proof if needed).
      • Fans will also add you to their personal playlists if they like your songs, which in turn will help you gain more exposure or possibly blow up on major curated playlists on Spotify.
      • Premium Royalty streams (You will get paid for each stream you get. On average most musicians get paid $0.01 per Tidal stream so 10,000 streams would equal $120 in your wallet.) 
      • Once Tidal recognizes your music is getting real organic traffic they will promote you on their end. 
      • Consistent streams within your niche genre. 
      • 24/7 Customer Support just email us through the contact form
      • (By Guaranteed Returns, we will guarantee you will get returns. That could be a $10 return, or even a $1,000+ return. We guarantee you’ll get at least something out of this promotion.)

      What we do with your Tidal profile is what many record labels do. We run promo effectively to targeted audiences that will most likely not only follow your other social profiles, but will continuously stream your music if they genuinely like your work which results in genuine, daily fanfueled streams.

      But unlike many record labels, we don't sign you and tie you down to an unfair agreement. We work with you dependent on your budget, whether that be $10, or $5,000, we will run the most effective promo to your music..

      Our services will also find your ideal fans and their demographics using the data from the streams. If your music is extremely amazing, the promo will do extremely well for you and you'll see a faster ROI on your music. If your music isn't good quality wise, we will still get you genuine fans that stream and share your music, but it will be harder. So if you believe your music has real potential then this is the best service of ours that we can offer you

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