Detailed Pitch for Major Labels

    Detailed Pitch for Major Labels


      Detailed Pitch for Major Labels - OVERVIEW:

      What you can expect with this service:

      • Our Supernova Team will look over your background and all your music, and create a detailed professional pitch for over 100 major labels in the music industry. With this package, it'll give you the best chance of getting signed and bringing your music career to the next level.
      • We handpick the best music of yours, and then create the best detailed email for each label, specifically tailored to their liking so that the odds of them signing you will increase.
      • The best chance of getting signed is by grabbing this package. We will do a thorough check on you and your music, and give a professional pitch to not only over 100 major labels, but will pitch to playlist curators as well.
      • We usually give 2-3 hours creating the pitch email and emailing each label directly, which is extremely valuable to most musicians. We give it our best pitch, which is extremely professional and is most likely to get you somewhere.
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