Instagram Targeted Mentions (20K-200K)

    Instagram Targeted Mentions (20K-200K)


      Instagram Targeted Mentions (20K-200K) OVERVIEW:

      What you can expect with this service:

      • 20,000 minimum mentions of a targeted users fanbase straight to your post on Instagram. Which results in extreme fast genuine growth, followers, streams, etc. Possibly even fame.

      Enter your Instagram post link, then enter the username of the account whose followers you want to tag onto that post, and the number of people you want tagged. They will then be tagged onto your post. This is the best marketing method on Instagram because you can target a specific audience from a similar/competitor account :)

      Want to grow your Instagram with a real targeted audience? 

      We provide a service that most people can't, and that's Instagram Mention's in bulk for cheap. An Instagram mention is when an account comments the "@" sign with a username in the comment, mentioning them in the post.

      This service provides a minimum of 20,000 mentions on a specific post. Meaning, if you're an artist, you can purchase this service and tell us a famous musician or artist that you want to target their entire fanbase and then we bring their fanbase directly to your post and profile, which in turn results in more streams on your music, more follows for your Instagram, and more growth for you in general.

      Summary: We target a famous artist's followers of your choice, and proceed to @mention 20K-200K of their active followers to your desired post. Which brings in incredible consistent growth at an affordable price.

      Start off small to see if you like the results that your package brings in, then build it up to achieve fast and organic growth, or possibly even fame.

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