Supernova Independent Marketing Course - VOL 1 (Available Now!)

    Supernova Independent Marketing Course - VOL 1 (Available Now!)




      1: Three effective extremely valuable ways to market your music (Spotify, Soundcloud, etc) on Instagram while growing your Instagram profile at the same time without spending a cent.


      It doesn’t seem like a lot does it?


      Not worth $50? Oh it definitely is, honestly we were going to put the course up for $250 because we believe it has at least that much value for the average person, and depending on how hard you grind these smart methods out, you could be making 3 figures every month to start out, then build it up potentially to 4-5 figures if you grind consistently.

      It took us 2 years

      to figure out the best free and effective marketing strategies on Instagram that you can implement right after you finish reading this course. It’s a simple yet valuable course, and we can almost guarantee that you’ve never heard of any of these methods at all (Since we were the ones to create them. We've researched and haven't seen one person use these methods before so we know we're the only people who have thought of them), which is why you’re buying this course in the first place, to learn valuable knowledge that will put you on the map if you grind independently and give these methods your time.


      Now listen up, there are hundreds of other marketing companies and ad agencies that sell courses for hundreds of dollars full of useless garbage that take years and thousands of dollars to get started. That’s why Supernova is so different than most companies since we offer knowledge and effective techniques that you can implement instantly and see results based off of how hard you grind for free.

      You ready to grow independently only relying on yourself? Well now is your chance.


      Your time is money now.

      What are you going to do with it? Waste it, or fucking immerse yourself in that shit.

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